Annals of Arngask

Up until 1943, there were two ministries in the parish of Arngask. In March of that year, a union of the congregations was finally agreed, and in August the Rev. James Mackie M.C., M.A. was elected and inducted as first minister of the charge.

In 1958, Rev. Mackie produced the Annals of Arngask – the history of the parish, but also of the community.

"As the first minister of the re-united parish of Arngask, I have, naturally, chosen the church as the centre round which the story revolves, as the thread on which all the incidental events are strung. It is the one organisation which, in varying forms, has persisted through the ages. My interest is not confined, however, to the life and development of the church, I have tried to reflect the many-coloured life of the community, and to picture the lives and environment of those whose characters were moulded by both church and community."

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