Glenfarg Community Council - Available Funding


Closing Date

Glenfarg Village Fete Proceeds

The Fete did not take place last year.

RWE Lochelbank Community Benefit Fund

23rd February (decision 30th April)
22nd June (decision 31st August)
28th September (decision 7th December)

For more information, go to Foundation Scotland's website or telephone 0131 524 0300

RWE Lochelbank Community Fund Micro Grant

Applications may be made at any time to

Glenfarg Community Council's Investment Fund

In addition to the above, the Community Council consulted the residents of Glenfarg on the distribution of surplus funds which were invested on the community's behalf. Responses were received and it was decided to further investigate a few of these ideas. The Community Council processed the installation of Christmas lights, the most popular suggestion.