Glenfarg Development Committee Minutes

Glenfarg Community Council has recently obtained the Minute Books of its predecessor, the Glenfarg Development Committee. The original books will be held by the CC.

However, in order to preserve the originals whilst making the content more widely available, it was decided to produce digitised versions. These will gradually be made available on this website, a year or two at a time. They will cover the period from 1925 to 1976.

They make fascinating reading, but they have also had a fascinating journey. Borrowed for someone's school project decades ago, lost and finally rediscovered in France, they have now been returned to the village.

Click the book to view on screen (in a new Tab) with Adobe Reader or right-click to download to your computer.

Volume 1

Minute Book 1926 to 1928
1929 to 1935
1936 to 1945
1946 to 1950
1951 to 1954
1955 to 1958
1958 to 1959
1960 to 1961
1962 to 1963

Additions to Volume 1

balance sheet
Perthshire advertiser 1925

Volume 2

1963 to 1964
1965 to 1967
1968 to 1972
1973 to 1976

Complete Volumes

Please note that these documents, although they have been reduced in size, will still take some time to download.
If you would prefer a full-quality copy on a memory stick, this can be obtained by providing a stick to Bill Macpherson in Ladeside. Tel: 01577 830430 email

volume 1
volume 2