The Glenfarg Plans for a Social Hub

The plans for the 'social hub' in Glenfarg are now being pursued by a Community Benefit Society to be known as

Glenfarg Village Inn Ltd

Check out their website for more information

At the Public Meeting of 6th December 2015, volunteers were invited to form a working group to examine all aspects of the loss of the hotel. This was named the Social Hub Working Group and met regularly until September. Read the minutes below.

During this time, it transpired that a Community Right To Buy application would require the formation of a community company. The Glenfarg Community Company was formed and the inaugural AGM was held on 21st June 2016.

At a combined meeting of the two groups on 28th September 2016 it was agreed that, as SHWG had been superseded by Glenfarg Community Company and all duties of the group were now being carried out by Company, the SHWG name should be dropped.

Minutes of the Glenfarg Community Company

AGM 21st June 2016 1st Sept 2016 minutes 28th Sept 2016 February
3rd November 2016 minutes 24th November 2016 minutes 8th February 2017
6th February 2018 12th April 2018 23rd May 2018
2nd April 2019 25th April 2019    


Find out more about Community Right To Buy on the following website links:


Minutes of the Social Hub Working Group

13th December 2015 minutes 21st December 2015 december minutes 20th January 2016 january
10th February 2016 February 9th March 2016 March March Public Meeting
4th April 2016 27th April 2016 18th May 2016
21st June 2016 5th July 2016