Glenfarg's Defibrillator

Glenfarg gets its own PAD
(Public Access Defibrillator)

and a training session - see the photos

  • Defibrillators or AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators like our PAD) are safe and simple to use
  • Anyone can use a Public Access Defibrillator, no previous experience of CPR or defibrillators is required
  • Glenfarg’s PAD is situated on the wall of the Village Store in Ladeside

When do you need a defibrillator (PAD)?

Casualty unresponsive, not breathing or taking infrequent noisy breathes?

  • Phone 999
  • Send someone to collect the defibrillator
  • Start CPR immediately/follow 999 call handlers guidance while waiting for the defibrillator to arrive
  • When defibrillator arrives press Green on button – listen carefully  and follow instructions  given  by the PAD
  • Time Counts – so don’t delay YOU can do it!

The cabinet which houses the PAD is security tag sealed but unlocked.  Two small white LED’s flash at night to show location and a loud alarm and flashing red LED’s come on when the cabinet is opened.