Glenfarg Community Council – Minutes

Monday 7th January 2019
Glenfarg Village Hall

PRESENT: CCllr Ponton (Chair), CCllr Horsman, CCllr Loudon, CCllr Pilmer,     CCllr Taylor.
Also present:  PKC Cllr Robertson, PKC Cllr Watters, two invited guests and one member of the public.
APOLOGIES: Cllr Barnacle, Cllr Purves, CCllr Watson.
Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed.
An update on action points from the previous meeting were reported as follows:
Phone box: CCllr Ponton stated (in CCllr Watson’s absence) that it was confirmed that a request to ask the Glenfarg Improvement Team to renovate the Phone box to accommodate books for an exchange would go ahead.     (CCllrs Ponton, Watson)

Lochelbank Wind Farm Fund: CCllr Pilmer stated that an update statement about the fund and further funding had been given to CCllr Watson to be published in the December issue of the Glenfarg Newsletter. Further information is to be released by Foundation Scotland pending a Press release this January. The Glenfarg village requires one/two new members of the public to sit on the Committee as our Ward’s representatives and that CCllr Pilmer would process the matter.            (CCllr Pilmer)   

Skip at Duncrievie: CCllr Pilmer reported that he had received correspondence/information from the Skip user, The Binn Group and Cllr Robertson. Thereafter, CCllr Ponton reported that she had been notified about PKC’s Planning department’s intervention and that matters were in hand because this skip requires Planning Permission that was not at this stage granted. CCllr Loudon requested that a letter should be sent to The Binn Group however, it was decided following a recommendation, that the matter be dealt with by PKC Planning.               (CCllr Pilmer)

HGV Traffic through village: CCllr Pilmer reported that he had been in correspondence with The Binn Group and that they would address the matter for their own vehicles notwithstanding the necessity to carry out their business within the Glenfarg village area. The Binn Group would contact other HGV company users recommending to make use of alternative routes. CCllrs Loudon and Taylor and one member of the public spoke about the speed of HGV’s reputedly heading for the Binn site and CCllr Loudon requested a letter be sent to one particular company regarding their HGV’s speed and use of the village as a route to the Binn site. However, Cllr Robertson recommended that the Community Policing Team be notified and a request made by letter raising a concern about the speed of traffic in general and that a monitoring of speed be carried out in due course especially where the northbound and southbound (30mph, 40mph to 60mph) limits change.                                                                                                                                                 (CCllr Pilmer)

Kinross-shire Forum: CCllr Ponton raised the topic of Glenfarg’s representation at the Forums, that include all Community Councils within the Kinross- shire area, and the financial funding opportunities that exist for many causes that may be missed should we not be represented. A discussion took place about the various funding opportunities and that we must continue to take part in the Forums. Cllrs Robertson and Watters stressed the importance of various funding opportunities such as the Community Investment Fund highlighting what could be available, for what activity e.g. local transport, disadvantaged topics and agreed that small and large Community Councils are represented equally to submit solo and joint funding requests. CCllrs to ensure that a representative attends any forthcoming Forum meeting and to ensure that any funding opportunity is acted on. Cllr Robertson spoke about a Rural Transport survey and that 1% of the PKC Budget be spent locally.                                                                                                                                      (All CCllrs)

CCllr Pilmer read out a letter in the absence of Cllr Purves. The letter, on behalf of Arngask Primary School, stated that excellent work had been carried out in view of the alterations, that the school had adapted well and was progressing successfully.

4. Planning Report
CCllr Pilmer reported on the notified Applications and Decisions:

GCC Planning Report January 2019
Ref. No: 18/02169/PAA Erection of a general purpose agricultural shed  Land 50 Metres North West Of Glendy Steading Glenfarg
Ref. No: 18/02174/FLL Change of use of dwelling house to form extension to village hall (Class 10) and ancillary restaurant (Class 3)  The School House Greenbank Road Glenfarg Perth PH2 9NW
Ref. No: 18/02152/FLL Change of use, alterations and extension to steading to form a holiday accommodation unit Open for comment iconSteading 50 Metres South West Of Wood Side Glenfarg
Ref. No: 18/02098/FLL Erection of a garage Inveraray House Drunzie Glenfarg Perth PH2 9PE
Ref. No: 18/02062/FLL Erection of 4 dwelling houses Land 40 Metres North East Of East Fordel Farm Glenfarg

18/02158/PNA Extension to agricultural building Newton Of Balcanquhal Glenfarg Perth PH2 9QD.                                Status: Approved

Comments were asked for and a discussion took place concerning Planning Applications in general and would the GCC comment on particular ones. It was decided that the GCC would always review where necessary and advise persons to seek guidance/advice from PKC Planning. It was noted further that Planning can be a contentious issue for both applicants, affected residents and officials.  

No police were in attendance although they were notified. CCllr Pilmer stated that he reports relevant advice from the Community Council aimed police bulletins (which is circulated via the Glenfarg Grapevine). Previous notifications contained warnings on bogus workmen, scamming emails and telephone calls.

Prior to the report being read by Cedric Wilkins, warm congratulations were extended to him for being appointed Chairman of the PKC Countryside Trust.

Cedric Wilkins read a report from the Trustees as follows:
We are delighted to confirm that the Village Hall has been successful in raising money necessary to purchase the former Schoolhouse that adjoins the hall. The money for the acquisition will come from the Scottish Land Fund and RWE Innogy (the wind farm at Lochelbank).
The Trustees hope to be able to complete the acquisition over the next few weeks. Once this is done, an open day will be held to which all will be invited. There will be an opportunity to visit the Schoolhouse and share ideas as to how it might be best brought into use for the benefit of the whole community. The date for this will be advised. This is an exciting opportunity for our village! We hope that everyone will wish to give their help and support as the project moves forward. There will be plenty of opportunities for groups and individuals to lend a hand to make this a success – and to make a big difference to Glenfarg.
On another matter we are pleased to say that the Charity Regulator, OSCR, has confirmed approval of the reorganisation of the hall into an Incorporated Charity, and it is also hoped to complete this process fairly soon
Sent on behalf of the Hall Trustees

In addition to the above statement, C.Wilkins, on behalf of the Trustees, sought an expression of support from the GCC to their project as it was viewed that our support would be beneficial to the project and additional funding requests as a whole. The GCC Secretary was tasked with composing a letter and issuing it in due course.    
                                                                                                                 (CCllr Pilmer)

CCllr Horsman had supplied a Treasurer’s Report as follows.
Income – Nil
Expenditures – GCC Poppy wreath £34
This balance is made up as follows :













At 5th November 2018




















Income/Expenditures since last meeting:
Income – Newsletter shop tin and Advertisers £140
Expenditures – Newsletter Printing £148, CCllr Watson expenses £16.50

Income – Nil
Expenditures – £250.00

3. SCHOOL FUND £241.00
No Transactions
TOTAL FUNDS HELD £13,096.08 at 7th January 2019
A Microgrant application from Glenfarg SWI for their 100th Anniversary meeting in March was submitted for approval.                                                             (all CCllrs)
A discussion took place concerning the issue numbers and income from the Village Newsletter as to the benefits of issuing this Newsletter Bi-monthly. It was discussed further that there could be benefits in moving towards a Quarterly issue and having an intermediary A5/A4 Newsletter sheet with vital information being made available through the same outlets. This will require to be explored further due to the advertising activities and what would be expected by the advertisers. Also, our Editor of the Newsletter and the work that is placed upon him to arrange for the Newsletter publication etc should be considered.                                                                 (CCllr Horsman)  
8. AOCB:
a) CCllr Mcleish  has resigned from the community council due to work and personal reasons. The CCllrs thank her for her work on behalf of the GCC and wish her well for the future.
The GCC is still looking for new CCllrs and should you wish to become involved in a worthwhile activity then do please contact the Secretary c/o

b) Who owns the Glenfarg Railway tunnels. CCllr Pilmer received a letter requesting information on access to carry out a “Film Shoot”. The first point of contact is Balmano Estate Office and this will be notified to the enquirer.            (CCllr Pilmer)

c) Facebook Page. CCllr Ponton led a discussion on a Facebook page for the GCC. It was felt that further investigation of other Community Councils’ Facebook pages be investigated before a decision is agreed on.                       (CCllr Loudon)
Additionally, a member of the public advised that he had a contact for a person that could assist in the modernisation of the Village Web Site. To be agreed on at a future date.                                                                             (All CCllrs)

d) Green routes for walking and cycling friendly roads. Cllr Loudon raised this matter and Cllr Robertson stated that in general the activity had been very successful. There was a discussion seeking clarification from PKC extending the Green routes to include Deuglie and Rossieochil. However, Cllr Robertson stated that this would be a long-term vision/commitment due to other routes in Perthshire being carried out first.

e) Crash barriers on the Glenfarg to Beinn Inn road. CCllr Ponton raised the matter of providing more safety on the verge relating to a steep part of the riverbank not offering protection to road users. The crash barrier towards the Beinn Inn is prior to the Railway Viaduct and it was discussed that this barrier should be extended southwards. Cllr Robertson is to send an PKC contact name to CCllr Pilmer to correspond with for raising the matter further.                                              (CCllr Pilmer)

f) Extension for Christmas Lights south of village centre. CCllr Ponton raised the matter and a discussion took place in relation to where the lights could be positioned and at what cost. It was felt that further investigation be carried out to ascertain likely costs and where the funding could be sourced from.                                     (CCllr Ponton)

g) Gala day. CCllr Taylor raised the point that the Gala Committee had in fact resigned and that there was now an opening for a new Gala Day Committee volunteers to come forward to take on the task. CCllr Ponton requested CCllr Taylor to prepare an article for publishing to the Glenfarg Community and to be published via the Website/ Grapevine/Poster – still to be agreed by the outgoing Gala Committee.     (CCllr Taylor)


The next meeting of the Glenfarg Community Council
 will be held on Monday 4th March 2019, 7.30 in the Village Hall.